What’s in the Bag

In order to stay in top shape on the golf course, Shawn Stefani has a go-to lineup of golf clubs and golf accessories. If you’re interested in playing like Stefani, here’s what you can find in his golf bag.

Stefani’s Club Configuration

  • Mizuno irons 3-W
  • TaylorMade driver and 3 wood

In addition to his golf clubs, Stefani has a top-notch lineup of golf accessories to help keep his game in peak form.

  • Golf ball – Titleist ProV1x
  • Gloves – The Players Glove by Foot-Joy
  • Shoes – Foot-Joy Icon
  • Golf Apparel – Ashworth 

Stefani also keeps a little luck on his side with a 1962 quarter as a ball marker.